VISA APPROVAL LETTER (VAL) (For applicants applying from outside of Malaysia)


1. I am a new student. How can I apply for VAL?

You can apply for VAL through EMGS portal: http://educationmalaysia.gov.my

2. How can I receive the VAL from UPSI?

EMGS has implemented the Electronic VAL (eVAL) and students can download the eVAL via EMGS application. The eVAL can be used to obtain single-entry visa (SEV) at the nearest Malaysian consulate/embassy in your country.

3. What Is the next process after I receive the VAL?

After receiving the eVAL, kindly bring passport and eVAL to Malaysian Embassy in your country to obtain the single-entry visa (SEV) stamp in your passport.

4. Can I travel to Malaysia one (1) month before registration day at UPSI?

To avoid unnecessary issues, you are required to travel to Malaysia one (1) week prior to your registration. We will not hold any responsibility towards candidate who were denied from student visa. Please consult with IMC before buying any flight ticket.


1. Can I study using only social visit pass /tourist visa?

No, this is not permitted. International students are only permitted to study full time courses in Malaysia with a valid student pass issued by the Immigration Department. You will be denied from getting a Student Pass and will be asked to exit Malaysia and re-enter with using the VAL.


1. What is a student pass?

A student pass is a multiple entry visa which gives you permission to remain in Malaysia for studying purposes.

2. I am a master student is UPSI and will be furthering my study in UPSI as well for PhD Programme, do I need to apply a new application for a student pass?

Yes, you need to apply for a new student pass. In this case, you need to register for the programme first, and then apply for a new student pass.

3. When should I apply for the extension pass?

Students are required to apply for the extension pass three (3) months before the expiry date and the latest being not more than six weeks before the expiry date of the student pass. Any delay will result in students being required to pay the charges for special pass.


4. What will happen if I overstay?

Your case will be referred to Enforcement Unit, Malaysian Immigration Department. Penalty fees are at the discretion of the Immigration Department. Subsequently, you will need to apply for a special pass to ensure that you have a valid pass throughout your stay in Malaysia.


5. What should I do if I have a new passport, but the visa is still valid in the old passport?

You need to apply for Transfer Endorsement through Visa Unit, IMC, UPSI.


6. The application status at the EMGS website shows 100% completion. Does that mean I can collect my passport at the Visa Unit, IMC?

No, there will be a few other procedures EMGS needs to finalize before informing us officially to collect. Once collected, the Visa Unit will need three days for documentation and record purposes before the final email to be sent to students for collection.


7. Why is there no change or update in the application status in the website where the commonly seen status is “Pending submission document” whereas I have already submitted all the required documents?

Students are not able to see the work and progress of application behind the scenes in which the Visa Unit has made two application simultaneously to EMGS which are the Extension Pass and Special Pass.

The status “Pending Document” means the passport is still under the process of Special Pass Application by the Immigration Department and only when the passport is ready with a valid pass, that the Visa Unit will only be able to collect the passport to be then sent to EMGS for the issuance of sticker.


8. Why the status in EMGS website still states “pending payment” although I have completed the payment?

After payment has been made to EMGS by students, EMGS will proceed with the application for the immigration approval of your application.

9. I am a PhD student and I have received a minor correction after viva-voce, can I renew my student pass?

You are not allowed to extend your student pass.

10. I am currently waiting for my convocation, can I apply for extension pass?

The same goes for those waiting for convocation where students are required to cancel their current student pass and to return to their home country. On the date of the convocation, students can enter Malaysia using the Social Visit pass.


1. When can I bring my family/dependent into Malaysia?

Only postgraduate students can bring their dependent. Students are advised to enter this country alone at first prior to issuance of student pass. Dependent pass can only be applied after the student pass are issued.


2. Who can have the dependents pass?

Your biological parents, spouse and your children can be given the dependent pass.


3. I have a valid dependent pass; can I register with UPSI as a student?

Yes, but you must cancel/shorten your dependent pass after you’re registered at Institute of Graduate Studies, UPSI. Then apply for the new student pass through Visa Unit, IMC, UPSI.

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