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"Thank you for the work you and your colleagues put into the membership application process and for the warm reception you gave Derek Bradley, our Director of Asia Program, during his recent visit. I am happy to welcome you to our network as our first reciprocal exchange member in Malaysia"

- Linda Jewell, Vice President ISEP

International Student Exchange Program or ISEP is an international network of colleges and universities around the world. UPSI is an Exchange and Direct Members of ISEP since 2009, with a network of over 300 colleges and universities in 50 countries cooperating to provide affordable access to international education for a diverse student population. Students can gain intercultural competence through integration into their host institution and host culture while exploring the international dimensions of their academic field.


“Studying at UPSI is the most appropriate for my study abroad goals. Overall, by studying in Malaysia I will exposed to not only an Islamic country, but one that encompasses multiple ethnicities and cultures. I will be able to challenge both my own and others’ ideas and perceptions on Islam while experiencing a new geographic environment. With various Ecosystems and somewhere where I can get a lot of hands on experience.”

- Denisse Alanis, USA –

I am so lucky to be given the chance to study in the States for one semester. I gained abundance of knowledge through my journey studying there. I strongly recommend people to join the ISEP program in order to gain this once in a lifetime experience.

- Fatin Athirah binti Aspar -

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