UPSI - Direct Exchange Programme is a one-way exchange program providing the opportunity for students to enroll directly in Sultan Idris Education University instead of exchange under the reciprocal basis.

Enrolment | Full-time basis, as defined by the host institution for the period of the program.


Eligibility | Different additional criteria may be set by home and/or Host University. As for UPSI, students must have or possessed certain criteria as listed below:


1.    Enrolled and in good academic standing at an institution approved by the university.

2.   Minimum GPA of 3.00 and have completed one academic year of university coursework.

3.   Have the personal maturity needed to study abroad.



Cost of living | Students are responsible for their cost of meals and pocket money throughout the semester.


Accommodation & Transportation | Provided by the host institution throughout the duration of the study. Shuttle buses are provided for all incoming exchange student programme to UPSI.


Credit Transfer | Credit Transfer process solely belongs to or responsible of the home institution. The implementation can be varied across institutions. Students are advised to consult their home academic advisor.



 “Studying Art in Malaysia would be an extremely rewarding and enriching experience for me as a student, artist, and overall person. I believe studying Malaysia Art and Culture would be a huge asset to my portfolio because I have noticed a huge surge in demand of South eastern style art.”

- Clara Ann, USA -

 “Studying at UPSI is the most appropriate for my study abroad goals. Overall, by studying in Malaysia I will exposed to not only an Islamic country, but one that encompasses multiple ethnicities and cultures. I will be able to challenge both my own and others’ ideas and perceptions on Islam while experiencing a new geographic environment. With various Ecosystems and somewhere where I can get a lot of hands on experience.”

- Denisse Alanis, USA -

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