Through a reciprocal agreement between UPSI and an institution abroad or local, both institutions agree to exchange a set number of students to pursue their courses to a maximum of two semesters. Students need not pay further fees at the host institutions. The credits undertaken at the host institutions are credited to the students’ programmes in the home institutions. Exchanges are based on the number of students exchanging places rather than a monetary exchange, so a university abroad can only accept as many students as it sends outs.

The number of students | are pre-determined and agreed between the host institution and home institution. Therefore, the inbound and outbound students are balanced unless both institutions agreed to stay out of balance. (The imbalance can be substitute accordingly for next semester).


Fees | No fees are required. Students pay fee at their home university based on the cost of tuition, fees, and housing at the home institution. As the students pay at their home institution, it creates a “place” and set of benefits for an incoming student.

Modes of Joint Programmes 

Joint Award

Concurrent Degree

Double Degree

Dual Degree

OOC (Online and On-Campus)

UNIINDUSTRY (University - Industry)


“The many courses at UPSI would allow me to experience new fields of study in a new environment. I look forward to taking classes that will expand my horizon such as Exploration of Flora and Fauna in Malaysia, Multicultural education and Eastern and Western Cuisine.”

- Katelin Ann, USA -

I went to East Tennessee State University in Tennessee, USA, as a music student. Having to fly to a place that far alone for the first time wasn't an easy task but then everything that I had went through was worth it. It’s a fun, trilling, exciting and a really unforgettable experience that everyone should try if the chance is given!

- Khoo Ying Ying-

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